If your vehicle doesn't meet the manufacturer's warranty after repeated and reasonable repair attempts, it's considered a "lemon." In such cases, you're entitled to a refund or a replacement vehicle. Even if your vehicle isn't classified as a lemon, you might still be eligible for cash compensation under the California lemon laws to cover the diminished value of your vehicle or other consumer product. This is when securing an expert in lemon law matters.

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Each year, thousands of California consumers are impacted by a car that may be considered a “lemon.” These auto defects vary from inconveniences to issues that could cause serious harm to drivers, passengers and other vehicles on the road.

Given the sale and lease of hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually, the possibility of acquiring a vehicle necessitating multiple trips to the repair shop remains a distinct possibility.

Coined "lemons,” from the sour taste a defect can leave in your mouth,  these flawed vehicles entitle consumers, under the California lemon laws, to compensation in the form of cash, a refund, or a replacement vehicle. But when life gives you lemons, get a lawyer.

Almost every automaker has, at some juncture, marketed a vehicle with defective components. Nonetheless, certain vehicle brands tend to see more cases. For those considering a new or used vehicle purchase, thorough research on auto manufacturers with a historical track record of high lemon reports and consumer grievances.

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Keep in mind, that no manufacturer is immune from defects. Even Toyota has had safety recalls, impacting hundreds of thousands of cars.

If your car has been in maintenance repeatedly, and still has the same issue, it may be a lemon. Note if the defect involves a safety issue, such as airbags it may not require multiple repair attempts. 

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